Small Window Crystal Suncatcher Crystal Art

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This lovely little suncatcher may be smaller, but she sparkles. These are all made a from a combination of antique glass, crystal, czech crystals, and unique head pieces, custom tooled from vintage brass and antique dishes, this capping is unique and a combination of both.

The teardrop crystals, and matching clear teardrops, blend perfectly in the design of this beautiful small sized crystal sun catcher, appropriately named "Itsy". She also has a wonderful radiance, and lights up any room from the suns reflections. These are also a huge deterrent for birds, and a preventative from flying into the windows, as they can clearly see these.

Beautiful as a gift, wedding present, or to make a personal room, a happy place to watch the prisms and rainbows dance in the sun.

Measures: Height 15" Width across cap 3" and fit into almost any sunny window for a beautiful burst of rainbows everyday.