Large Suncatcher Crystal Window Art Crystal Art Real Crystals Clear Modern Beauty

Large Suncatcher Crystal Window Art Crystal Art Real Crystals Clear Modern Beauty

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Crystal window art at its best, a suncatcher more modern and its gorgeous matching crystals and the colors are crisp, and blend perfectly in the design of this beautiful medium sized crystal sun catcher.  The head piece is a found dish we liked, converted along with a vintage metal chandelier encasing to hold the crystals so uniquely in place, DAZZLING.

She also has a wonderful more modern radiance, and lights up any room from the suns reflections. Has some very unique old and original large crystals in this one also. The value on some of the older crystals is so high, they are sometimes hard to find to justify the remakes.

Measures: Height Length 21" Width across cap 4.25" and fit into almost any sunny window for a beautiful burst of rainbows everyday. Each one comes with its own hanging chain.

Amazing up cycled blend of old and new and a wonderful deterrent for birds colliding into windows and they can see these sparkling. The photo of the rainbow reflections is actual and a real reflection of these on walls with sun.

Custom made, only one, and I do not replicate these pieces as the parts are found pieces of the past and cannot be found again.

You can be the owner, many of my pieces are now traveling all over the world.

If you have a family chandelier and would like it remade for family members, we do this as well.

As a one of kind piece of hand made art, we also do custom requests. Give us a call and we will design one just for you. If you are local or in the area feel free to come and browse our collections.