Christmas Angel Suncatcher Memorial Angel Sun Catcher

Christmas Angel Suncatcher Memorial Angel Sun Catcher

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These Angel Suncatchers come in beautiful shades, this one being the Rainbow Aurora Borealis . Order as memorials, christmas ornament gifts, namesake gift. These are all hand made, large winged crystal angels. These all, of course, are made up of the colors of  the rainbow and to see all the colors we offer,  just use the pull down menu to see them all. These are about  5.5" long and about a 2" wingspan, nice sizes.

crystal large winged suncatcher angels

These darling angels also come in all these colors and make wonderful gifts for all occasions. They are admired for their sentiment and vibrancy, and have been shipped all over the world to happy happy folks. We have shipped for gifts, for graduations, deaths and just for personal pleasure. They look terrific on the car mirror and reflect daily the blessings of the suns rainbow colors.

Measuring 6" long.


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