Black and Gold Spider Stunning Beaded Crystal Hand Made Spider Suncatcher Totem Rear View Mirror Decor

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GORGEOUS Black and Gold CRYSTAL SPIDER, and as you can see these are custom made, and we can make any color, we recently did a black widow, this is for this hand made spider made with glass, vintage and crystal beads.

In this shape they are about 4" by 4" and body about 2" and we can do larger if requested. Our spiders take the fright out the name SPIDER and these sparkle in the sun as well, and are wonderful hang anywhere even your rear view mirror.

Many of ours have been requested for gifts. They are truly beautiful.

Due to the choice of our beads, many beads and crystals are vintage and we cannot find another so if only one available, we cannot make exactly the same.

The meaning is beautiful - The spider is a very old symbol of mystery, power and growth, and weaves a web,  just as we weave our own lives, the symbolic meaning here serves to remind us that our choices construct our lives. The spiders web is limitless, a home, a food source, offspring care, and beauty. You are free to weave you web. Keep it hanging close as a reminder of your life choices.