A Little About What We Do and Who We Are

Welcome Here.

We opened in 2016 to the public after years of experience and preparation,
dedication, and passion for all things crystal! As you may have guessed, I am Vicky, and I’ve been a crafter for most of my life. Jerry my better half is in charged of caps, drilling and retooling all the tops.

I don't think there is a soul out there that does not enjoy a rainbow. We bring them to your walls. Awesome healing in the colors.

I picked up my first stone as a child and have loved rocks, gemstones, and all things crystal forever, always, fascinated by the rainbow colors and natures natural colors. The idea of capturing these on the walls so close to view, had me mesmerized by their beauty, as we all love rainbow, and designing my first natural rock garden from the up cycled old rocks, needless to say that was the beginning of my ventures with all stones, crystals, rocks and gemstones.
We are proud to offer a wide variety of suncatchers and jewellery, each lovingly and skillfully crafted with the simple goal, to offer our customers high-quality custom one of a kind designs.

Everything is recycled and/or up cycled crystals, old chandeliers, made into these stunning real crystal and faceted glass suncatchers and angel suncatchers. These reflect the sun magically and I love watching the colors and large rainbow projections that dance daily in our home with a tea in hand. We also incorporate our crystals into our beautiful jewellery.

We find they help the birds avoid the windows as they sparkle in the sun. There are many different sizes and colors, and we also incorporate loved ones jewellery into all our products as well, and, special totems such as butterfly, dragonflies, feathers and such.

Once hung in a sunny window people are in awe of their beauty and sparkle.

I love making them and making people happy, and hope these become a special part of ones home or cottage, and that they bring everyone the tranquility of light, that they bring to our home.

Problem is, you cannot stop at one, we have one in every window and they are the WOW factor everyone wants.

Our crystals now travel all over the world, and our angels bring light, love and glow to all that have received them.

So What Do We Do?

We recycle and up cycle, giving new purpose, to crystals, and create beautiful crystal sun catchers, angel sun catchers, jewellery pfrom vintage, antique and new crystals, all beautiful, and radiant in any window or anywhere in your home.

We also donate our crystal remakes to many animal rescues for auction. Recently this was donated to the Wildlife Federation for wildlife rehabilitation, so we love to help financially to benefit all rescue. As much as we love making these, we also love animals and helping when we can, so you are also helping save and aid animal rescue.crystal suncatcher for donation wildlife rehab

Do you have sentimental jewellery or dishes, we can preserve memories of loved ones into our suncatchers for you to always have.

We also do namesakes on the angel stems, such as the persons name, mom or dad, kids names, best friends names, as well we can add their jewellery into these as keepsakes. These angels can also have sayings, or totems such a feathers, butterflies or dragonflies. We have made these for grads, newborns and childrens windows as well.

They bring peace and calm just watching them.

We create different types of crystal sun catchers, all beautiful for all occasions. Wedding gifts, birthday, newborn rooms, graduations, Mothers Day or personal, christmas gifts or any occasion that matters. We also take custom orders.  don;'t know what to do with old dish from mom, we can take the dish from your loved one, and incorporate into into the large sun catchers for your tranquil home decor.


They radiate prisms and rainbows all over, beautiful to watch. All Sun Catchers are designed by Vicky and are custom made. They radiate many prisms from any sunny window.

Please feel free to email us with your inquiry or custom request.

 You are also welcome to join us on Facebook Crystals Crystals and More, as we share all our new work and our free give aways.

 We are located in Durham Region, Bowmanville Ontario, and welcome visits to our location, we also ship to your location of choice.

Love and light to all! Vicky