Crystal Suncatcher Large Window Chandelier Suncatcher Non Electric Deters Birds from Windows

Crystal Suncatcher Large Window Chandelier Suncatcher Non Electric Deters Birds from Windows

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Crystal Art, not another one like it.

Meant for any sunny window, these non electric large chandelier crystal suncatchers make your sunny windows come to life. These are all made a from a combination of antique glass, crystal, czech crystals, and unique head pieces, custom tooled from vintage brass and antique dishes. The teardrop crystals, and matching clear teardrops, blend perfectly in the design of this beautiful large sized crystal suncatcher, and the headpiece is an antique dish converted along with a vintage metal chandelier encasing to hold the crystals so uniquely in place, DAZZLING colors of blues, aurora borealis and ambers to match the antique carnival glass dish with hues of blues.

She also has a wonderful radiance, and lights up any room from the suns reflections. Has some very unique original large crystals in this one. These are also a huge deterrent for birds, and a preventative from flying into the windows, as they can clearly see these. Beautiful as a gift, wedding present, or to make a personal room, a happy place to watch the prisms and rainbows dance in the sun. These are my own creations, each one hand made and hand hooped, and most of our crystal chandelier suncatchers take 3-4 full time 8 hour days to make.

I LOVE these Sun/Spirit Catchers for home or cottage. Due to the nature of these, please ensure they are what you want as there are no returns, these are custom made and fragile. Sometimes during the shipping process a string may just come off its hook, easy just to rehook it upon hanging. Labor intensive, time consuming beauties.

Measures: Height Length 24" Width across cap11" and fit into almost any sunny window for a beautiful burst of rainbows everyday. Each one comes with its own hanging chain, to support its weight.