Crystal Suncatcher Large Window Chandelier Style Sun Catcher

Crystal Suncatcher Large Window Chandelier Style Sun Catcher

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Sun Catchers, remade pieces of the past. Bring the dance of the prism to your walls. Designed and made a from a combination of antique glass, crystal and a unique custom antique capping. This large crystal piece located in any room is stunning, but in a window with sun, tranquil rainbows are reflected on your walls, and these crystals drape down and blend perfectly in the design of this beautiful larger sized crystal sun catcher. She also has a wonderful radiance, and has many large crystals from times gone by up to and including the large murano glass stem bottom. Many many large and old crystals in this one.

A beauty for a gift, wedding present, or to make room in the room a happy place to watch the prisms and rainbows dance in the sun. These are my custom designs and are one of a kind, each one hand made and hand hooped. These are also wonderful to keep birds from flying into the windows. The pictures cannot capture the beauty and reflections these project, these are art in a different form, and take us about 3 full days to design and make.

These are all hand made and take about 4 full days to make these.

Measures 26" long and cap is about 6" wide.

We can also customize one of *MOMS* past pieces into a special memorial suncatcher by custom request.

Each one comes with its own hanging chain.