Crystal Beaded Spider Collections

GORGEOUS Beaded CRYSTAL SPIDER, custom made, of course our hand made spiders are made with new, glass, vintage and crystal beads, very beautiful. What's really neat is their shadows.

In this shape they are about 4" by 3.5"  and take the fright out the name SPIDER and these sparkle in the sun as well, and are wonderful hang anywhere cupboards, lamps, office, bathroom, even your rear view mirror, and they sparkle.

Many of ours have been requested for gifts. They are truly beautiful and can hang on walls, rear view mirror, stand, window, on any lamp, kitchen cupboard, lots of spots :-)

The spiders come with a chain ready to hang, and a saying laminated card, and can hang anywhere.

"The spider is a very old symbol of mystery, power and growth, and weaves a web, just as we weave our own lives, the symbolic meaning here serves to remind us that our choices construct our lives. The spiders web is limitless, a home, a food source, offspring care, and beauty and connects us with the intricate energies of the spirit world and her special energy attracts magical coincidence into our lives. You are free to weave your web. Keep it hanging close as a reminder of your life choices."
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