The Power of the Pumpkin and Its Seeds

The Beautiful Pumpkin

Some things stand out more  than others,  and who can miss a great big orange pumpkin, shining like the sun in a field! I have personally relied on it for decades.

And pumpkin seeds are a magnesium power house, of which many of us are deficient, and you only need a handful daily to get your daily dose, as well vitamins B, C, D, E, and K  and the valuable mineral zinc. Also has Tryptophan is an amino acid aiding in the production of melatonin and serotonin which also helps us relax and sleep. Pumpkin seeds might be high in fat, but this fat is a good fat. A great source of omega 3 fatty acids and a rich source of mono-unsaturated fats, for heart protection, and just so much more.

pumpkin seeds

When I was involved with animals, kittens and puppies I always sprinkled crushed pumpkins seeds over their food few times a month, and if there were worms, out they came. One of my stories is below in this blog. It became something I always gave my animals even though I knew they were healthy for a maintenance treat, they love it. Of course these were raw, green and crushed, however in the shells is great as well as these have a tad more zinc than the shelled ones.

pumpkin mash

They can be roasted for no more than 15-20 minutes with the shells on, for a great treat, or you can buy shelled green seeds from organic from a local herb store.

Most plants that are have a close relationship to the soil are often special sources of mineral nutrients, they go hand in hand, as there is much in the ground we are unaware of how boosting it is to the plants.

The mash itself from the pumpkin (always organic) is also great to stop both constipation and diaherra, and it is a personal favourite for sick dogs with diaherra.

Pumpkin are so easy to grow yourself, and I always recommend organic. For people that do not have time to dapple in the garden these are so readily available at most stores. Again ORGANIC, and use them on everything, salads, treats, as they are, and always keep a tin of organic pumpkin in your cupboards.
Just a little story I like to share from way back!

Here is a story about a kitten we purchased,way back and how I got introduced to t he power of the pumpkin.  When this little was found, she was a sad pathetic, sickly little thing and COVERED WITH FLEAS. I am a fanatic about parasites, worms, bugs, anything that lives on, or,  in living bodies. This poor little thing went through all my regimes of treatments, but what I was most impressed with was the pumpkin seeds.

We always kept the green salted and roasted pumpkin seeds as family treats like peanuts or chips, and we all take a handful once in a while, they are delicious, so while watching T.V. our kitty decided she liked them and ate about 6. She had been to the vet and was checked for health, vaccinated, and had a stool tested for worms which was negative. All was well except.............about 1 hour after she ate her treat of pumpkin seeds, she went into her litter box and unloaded about a dozen dead tape worm segments, I was appalled to say the least, never mind my vets negative test for worms, which was obviously by far incorrect, this little thing was loaded down with them. His explanation was that when they do the floatation for eggs, no eggs were seen.

For the next two weeks pussy had pumpkins seeds at night , only about 4 or 5, and each time a few more dead worms were expelled. AMAZING, I never thought I could be so amazed over worms, but here was something I new had these properties and had used them on my dogs, to keep them free of worms, but never even thought another thought about it, until I saw it work for real, on an animal that did have them.

So folks we are always learning, so you may want to add this to your shopping list for both your pets and family. PUMPKIN seeds truly work, and I am an absolute believer even more in the power of the all natural remedies. Just crush them up and add a handful into your pets food,  if they do not take them as treats, and check their stools for signs of any worms. This would work on tapeworms which is caused from fleas and roundworms that are transmitted through their mothers when feeding, and a great natural snack.
Again, just sharing another one of my natural favorites.
As always,  soulspirations - Vicky




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