The Magic of Trees on Our Health

The Magic of Trees on Our Health

Immune System Booster * Stress Reducing * Energy Increase * Improvement of Well Being that will help you be well * Thought Stimulation * Calm and Tranquility * Mind Clearing.

Many call it forest bathing, been around for many years, and is making a come back for improvement for all aspects of health in ones life.

There is just nothing like a walk in the forest to slow us down and make us take note of how simple life is, and how we are a oneness with everything around us. Your soul is nourished and your spirit can reset itself.

There is a deep connection to trees, they are life itself. They have a power to heal, we have not a clue just how much. You just know when you are among the trees and forest, fresh air, and sounds, that it really feels your being is at rest. There is simply something healing, that takes place when we do this, and it should be a regular thing we do several times a week. Bring yourself back to nature and nurture.

Blood pressure drops, energy increases, your lungs can breath, and your spirit rests.

As an immune system booster, this  greenery and tree canopy, and fresh air we breathe, allows us to breathe in the phytoncides, that plants give off for their own protection. THEY HELP fight off disease.

This greenery helps improve our focus on every day issues, problems, both health and personal, and clears our minds for better thoughts and thinking.

Trees soothe the spirit too, both in adults, children and pets. There is nothing that compares on this planet to this green bath of freshness.

I have heard stories of those that have healed many an ailment by sitting a reading with their back to/on a tree, there is something magic about their healing ability.

I believe all trees feel, sense and communicate with each other.

I believe that many of these trees have stood beside each other for decades, nurturing their young, and their massive rooting system supporting them, supports so much more, without trees there would be no human life.

* Shade * Oxygen * Protection * Herbal Medicine are only a few things that these amazing earthly gifts present to us.

The Book  "The Hidden Life of Trees", by Peter Wohlleben is a book we all should read.

There are so many trees that heal and much of our medicine come from many of them.

 Everyone should be paying attention to the healing powers of trees. If you are not already forest bathing, take an hour a couple days a week and treat yourself. Venture into natures spa, and feel the heal.

Remember to plant a tree today, so that future generations will benefit from it.


Until my next newsletter dream green!




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