Skin Damage and Skin Cancer My Recipe for Removing Pre Skin Cancers Solar Keratosis

Eggplant and Apple Cider Vinegar and Skin Cancers

I have already covered the blog on Bloodroot, if you have not, please read it. Being a sun worshipper and a tanner all my life, my skin has had its share of damage, in the form of dry scaly patches known as solar keratosis, which could also border on the squamous cell cancer. No one ever really knows until these patches have been tested. I am comfortable with the way I treat anything I do not like on my skin.

Please pay attention to anything on your skin, that is dry, itchy, keeps coming back, raised, changing in size or color, and seek medical assistance. There are many that feel having skin cancer, whatever form surgically removed, can spread the cancer cells to other parts of the body as they are moved, again, please read and research and be well informed of the choices available to you today.

I find when I have suspicious dry areas on my skin,  this recipe that I keep in the fridge, is amazing for removing possible pre skin cancer issues. Skin cancer has many forms, from basal cell, to squamous cell to the deadly melanoma that everyone dreads, and I know many that have had it removed by doctors only to have it return.

Great diagram from the Mayo Clinic on Skin Cancers

Skin cancers

Skin is the largest organ in the body, and I will never deny myself the healing rays of the sun, now, we must learn that small doses a day,  are beneficial and not as damaging as the hours I have spent tanning on the beaches and tanning beds, and after much research on the scaly patches I get and got, and trying to determine if these bordered on the skin cancer patches, I now use this formula on my skin whenever I find any dry areas.

Actinic keratoses on skin, can appear as raised from the surface of the skin, be rough, dry, scaly, raised and generally you can feel a slight roughness, sometimes it is itchy. They can also be crusty,  or wart like, and can be on part of the body exposed to our sun. Shades can be dark pigmented, red, pink, freckled, same shade as your skin and generally you can see some red mixed into the area.

Many people have these patches removed or frozen off by doctors and many of these patches can be the start of skin cancers, or simple weather dryness. When I find anything that itches, flakes or otherwise I reach for my jar, kept in fridge, and I apply this homemade recipe.

It consists of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar (this is the brand I find the best) and Eggplant. You dice up the eggplant, and put it into a jar, fill it half full of diced eggplant and pour the apple cider vinegar over it and fill jar. Put in fridge and let it sit 3 days at least, and you have your mixture ready to take a cotton ball and dabs these dry areas of skin several times a day, until it dries up and flakes off. I leave my eggplant in the mix, many do strain it out. I always have it handy,  and still apply it to areas,  I have done in past just to make sure, it has all sloughed off. This does sting and will form a type of dry eschar (scab) and this should fall off, after several days.

Eggplant and Apple Cider Vinegar


If you have areas of concern you should always seek medical advice from dermatologist as testing or staging of areas of concern,  should be done, so you do know what you are dealing with and the decisions you can make. Once you know, again,  I advise anyone with skin cancer issues to please read my blog on Bloodroot and join the groups that use this, as this has been my personal choice as well, and I have a lot of experience with it.

For now, this is what I use on my skin damaged areas. I also use it to remove dry skin from my face, and any other areas I feel may benefit from this.

AS WITH everything please test small areas to ensure that anyone prone to allergies, does not react to this, and again please be responsible enough to do some research on your skin condition to make sure it is only surface damage, and that you are not dealing with a pre melanoma or other skin cancer.

Skin cancer is huge, as are other cancers, and anyone seeking alternatives to treatments, today, should really do some investigation, on what is available, what has worked for others, and risks involved.

Sun skin damage

Again,  I have used everything I write about, and like to share alternative health options, that have worked for me, does not mean they will work for everyone, but I love them, use them, believe in them,  and share them.

These are not meant to deter anyone from getting medical advice and treatments from their doctors, but simply meant to advise that there are other things out there that work, that are natural, simple and home made.

You can research this further under searches for skin cancer,  apple cider vinegar and eggplant,  and you can see others that also have used this, and their experiences.  Again I have been using this remedy for many years, with pleasing results, it is always on the shelf of my fridge.

READ,  EDUCATE and make your own decision.

As always, until my next wonderful natural remedy or story.




  • Yes, the myrh has caused cancer to come to your chest

    Jim Crenshaw
  • I have been applying acv, coconut oil, frankincense and myrh to my chest. my doc said I have pre cancerous spots. My entire chest is now itchy, red and bumpy. Is this an allergic reaction, skin cancers or a breakout?


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