Lets Make This Short and Sweet - White Sugar is The Silent Killer

I LOVED IT, everyone loves it!  Had a sweet tooth all my life, and still have it.  But white sugar simply put, removed from your diet, can change your life.

It causes disease, it feeds disease, and make dis-ease grow and fester in your body. Like us, everything loves sugar, especially cancer.  Live long, live without it!

sugar the silent killer

Many years ago I pretty much removed white sugar from my diet, and substituted it with honey. Not just any honey BUT NON pasteurized honey, as any other honey is of no value, as far as I am concerned.  To read more about honey please see my blog on honey.

When you remove sugar from your diet completely, and I mean completely, the transition is amazing.  I did it when I wanted to lose the few pounds I needed,  and I found,  I also had amazing energy when I did remove it from my diet. Going from eating all my sweets to none, took lots of willpower, but after a week or so, adjusting is not so bad. Pounds drop off after about two weeks, and that in itself,  is motivating.

So lets get back to the dangers of white sugar, cancer is so complicated, but simply put, cancer feeds off sugar, grows, and spreads. It is a huge cancer fighting factor to get off white sugar and sweets. Sugar also raises your chances of diabetes. I used to get very shaky in the afternoon and grumpy, but after two weeks off sugar, it seemed to reset my metabolism, and this all disappeared. I could also tell my body was so much more energetic and I did not have that afternoon slump.

Studies have show that insulin resistance is a  big leader and driver of many diseases including cardiovascular disease,  metabolic issues, gaining weight and never losing it, and type II diabetes, as well removing sugar from the diet also gets rid of many issues.

When we consistently eat a lot of sugar daily,  resistance to the hormone insulin, develops,  and may contribute to the development of many diseases, and lead to many more. When we become resistant to insulin, our pancreas tries to makes more, and in time, the pancreas cannot keep up with trying to produce enough insulin to keep the blood sugar normal, and the blood sugar spikes thus type II diabetes and also leading to the developments of cancers.

High sugar consumption also aggravates the inflammation factor, another studied cause and trigger for cancer, and as one issue leads to another issue, REMOVING it completely from your diet, gives you a chance to stabilize your health.

Sugar can damage your heart... Sugar can feed cancer....Sugar can promote belly fat....Sugar hides in many foods....Sugar zaps your energy....Sugar is the stepping stone and fuel many diseases seed and flourish.

I think we all know how damaging it is, and we all know it is really hard to give it up, but I never really missed it, once I found how great I felt, and that many other things substituted and were great for my body, mind and spirit.

For those concerned about cancer, be concerned, if you have cancer, this is a #1 on my list to STOP. Stop feeding it, and cut off its food source by starting with the removal of sugar.

White Sugar =  White Poison

There are many studies out there on sugar and health. It does not take long,  to read a little and gain a whole lot of new insight on the sugar eating epidemic, and how sugar is ravaging our healthy bodies.

Take the time, read a little, from personal experience removing sugar from my diet, I gained much knowledge and my healthy way back.

On a positive note, sugar has been used for centuries for open sores and wounds, and pouring white sugar onto an open sore, was favoured by many healers throughout history,  and,  is making a comeback. I have personally used this,  and made a sugar salve for my mothers bed sore, I watched it remove infected tissue and new skin growth start. Taking sugar and putting it on a wound promotes healing,  removes infections, and the body starts to heal the wound on its own, another subject worth the research. Sugar draws infection out of people and pets. It has been proven in many case studies that white sugar in large amounts is antibacterial.

Sugar for open sores

Please take an hour out of your day and do your own further research. You will be amazed at all the new information, there is on all these natural treatments, that people have shared, and that I have personally, used for over 40 years.

Again, sharing some of my natural favourites, as sharing is caring, and this never meant to deter anyone from seeking medical attention, but to share and educate a little on alternative health, that many people other than myself use and believe in.

As always,  soulspirations - Vicky



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