Getting Feathers When Someone Passes

Finding white feathers,  I save white feathers. I get them, it seems,  whenever someone passes. I believe they are totems that one has directed to my path, after they have passed. I have told this story many times.

I have kept all mine, and they are in a jar which I will share at a later date. This story is a certain confirmation.

I was very close to my mom and dad and took care of them. The last couple of years have been very difficult. My father passed first, after a several year bout with dementia, and we managed to keep him at the farm, which was where he had lived and it was the family estate. My two brothers and myself also lived there in separate homes. We are a very close family.

After struggling with dad, and his passing which was hard, my mother had been complaining about pains in her shoulders for months, and the doctors had said that the stress of dad and helping him some days, it was just from that.

To make a long story kind of short, it ended up she had stage IV lung cancer, that had gone into her shoulder and ribs. My mother was a cancer survivor from 1961 on, and they had given her 6 months to live,at that time, with four young children to bring up. We were blessed to have her here for as long as we did, she passed at 84 years of age.

My mother, father and I were extremely close, I spent every day with mom, taking her shopping and having her over for tea to enjoy her stories, as she also loved the Y & R. I worked from home so I made my days work around her. How blessed I was to live on our family farm, with my family.

She started losing weight, and of course, stubborn Scottish heritage, refused to give up her cigarettes. It was sadly, too late when we realized her symptoms were more than an injury. They could not do much, and with dad passing only months earlier, she was pretty much done with trying my natural remedies.

Her passing was the hardest thing, I think I will ever endure. We were so close, and the last weeks were so hard because I knew she was slipping away, and I needed to keep strong to get through it and plan how I was going to handle it all. You can never be ready.

We also make beautiful memorial crystal angels here.

She knew I received white feathers, and always joked that they were just from birds. I never take anything as a coincidence.

When it did come down to moms final hours, I was there, held her hand, and whispered, remember to send me a feather. She took her last breath and I saw her heart stop, mine nearly did as well.

About three weeks after moms passing, my husband and I were on one of our buys, at our suppliers, where we made a purchase, and were to come back in a few days to pick up our order.  The company had gone out of business.

When we came back to pick up our order, the owner said, oh by the way you left something behind, and it is on your order, it is a scarf. I politely said, well I do not own or wear scarfs. He said well no one has been here but you, and I have not been back since we were here last, so it has to be yours. I went over to the order and opened the scarf.

Low and behold I believe my mom fulfilled my last words to her, send me a feather, she sent me a whole shawl full of feathers. Just another one of my affirmations, and her letting me know she made it to the other side.

Will keep this shawl forever, thanks mom, nothing is coincidence, believe it or not!

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