Enlarged Prostate Relief From Small Flower Willowherb

Small Flower Willow Herb For Prostate Health

Small Flower Willow Herb or Epilobium parviflorum is a member of the primrose family and is a perennial herb, that grows in Europe.  The main use for small flowered willow is to support prostate and urinary tract health, so I will stick to that.

 Maria Treben is a renowned herbalist from way back, and this herb was forgotten about, until she wrote about it in her book,  and is now being used again today, and it is what we use for my husband enlarged prostate,  with results that are very positive.

We buy our own loose powdered herb, plastic gel caps, and pour our own, but you can buy the caps, tea and take it this way as well.

Our photo of what we use and pack it into capsules: You can go to your local herbal store and see if you can purchase likewise, we do not sell herbals.

 Our powdered willowherb

We buy the powdered Willow Herb and put it into gel caps, he takes one a day, his prostate readings are going down and doctor asked what he was using.

Beside aiding in enlarged prostate, it also helps urinary difficulties and pain, kidney, urethra and prostate infections, cancer, and incontinence.

Willow herb is a genus of plants mentioned since the antiquity on all continents, cultures and languages as the best remedy for prostate. 

This herb has been repopularized by this renowned herbalist Maria Treben. Today willowherb is again being talked about  Maria Treben wrote about willowherb:

“Many sick patients may recover with help of willowherb, often to the point of not having to undergo surgery. If the surgery has already been performed, willowherb tea eliminates tingling and other ailments that frequently appear after surgery.”

All the things that she wrote still apply today, as willowherb is considered the most effective herb used to treat prostate diseases. 

Maria Treben used it to treat the inflammation of prostate and urinary bladder.

Natural antiseptic, antibacterial, astringent, anti-inflammatory and anticancer!

It is extremely effective in the treatment of various kidney diseases bacterial and other infections, inflammations, tumors, and against tough bacteria (in the bladder and the urinary duct).

Small Flower Willow Herb

A 2003 study, which covered various species of willowherb, proved that the polyphenols from willowherb reduce the spreading of prostate cells thus helping with benign hyperplasia of the prostate.

A 2013 study, which included the species Epilobium angustifolium, Epilobium parviflorum and Epilobium hirsutum, found that these species contain potent compounds which stop the growth of prostate cancer cells. 

The study concluded that willowherb is a strong natural remedy for prostate diseases. 

Willowherb causes no side effects, unlike conventional drugs like tamsulosin and finasteride, which may cause irregular heartbeat, digestive problems, headache and chronic fatigue.

Willowherb is the most effective in form of tea.

I write about what we use personally, and what has worked for us, but always recommend you take an hour and research yourself, as this builds a little more confidence in the treatments nature has given us, and ones that really do work.

All I can say his readings are down, after years of medications, and doctor asked why this time, of course, the comment whatever works and a shrug of shoulders. What else can I say.

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