Burning Bay Leaves

Bay leaves also known as bay laurel, are commonly used in cooking and familiar to almost every home kitchen and cuisine. There is much more to this wonderful kitchen spice than meets the eye and everyone should start using it.

As laurel is one of the ingredients, and a known stimulant aiding the effectiveness of antioxidants found in other foods, when used as a spice, it can also stimulate ones immune system.

Other wonderful things you may want to know other than it is a great spice, are:

. Bay leaf may be burned after an illness has passed, to cleanse the area and drive out any residual illness vibes.

. Bay leaf is used in many potpourris and decorations,  and aids in keeping moths at bay.

. Bay laurel has verified bactericidal and fungicidal properties.

. Before burning the Bay leaf, many people write blessings on the leaf before burning, in hopes the universe will intervene.

. Bay laurel is also a booster for digestion, and an aid for the respiratory and an inflammatory, which makes this a most interesting herb. It also relaxes anxiety and tastes great in any meal, of course after cooking, the leaf is removed.

Bay leaves are known to contain linalool which decreases anxiety and enhances social interaction as well as containing mycrene and eugenol which are great inflammatory compounds, and are used in stress reduction therapy and help fatigue and tension. Bay leaves also contains a-pinene, ß-pinene, limonene,  methyl chavicol, neral, a-terpineol, geranyl acetate, and chavicol; compounds that have anti septic, and as mentioned, antioxidant and digestive properties.

Burning a bay leaf works best, light the leaf with lighter or match and leave it in ashtray or tin cup to burn out, and when flame is out, and smoke somewhat dissipated, the air now contains these great remnants all ready for you to take a deep breath and let it be. I use my incense burner and it works great. I always recommend for people to also do their own research,  and especially be cautious if you have allergies.

 Till my next newsletter.......naturally yours,    Vicky

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