Bloodroot for Skin Cancer and Other Cancers

Bloodroot for Skin Cancer and Other Cancers

 WOW what a topic. I have personal experience with Bloodroot.

Bloodroot Flower

 As a flowering perennial plant native to eastern North America, especially Ontario,  it displays delicate white flowers in the spring. But, the power of the plant lies in its root system where a special plant alkaloid or chemical called Sanguinarine is stored.

Bloodroot root

Root shot

 Bloodroot was used by the Native Americans to heal many aliments such as stomach problems, respiratory issues and removal of superficial tumors and warts.

Established research suggest that the alkaloids in the Bloodroot are good candidates as chemo-therapeutic regimes and successful immune therapies. In fact, positive effects have been shown in laboratory studies for prostate, breast, pancreatic plus many other types of cancer. The bottom line is that it causes cancer cell apoptosis meaning that it causes cancer cells to die or commit suicide. The beauty of this herb is that it does not harm healthy cells, but only kills the cancer cells.

How do I know, I use it, have used it, and believe in it. It worked. I was a sun worshipper in my younger days, so I do have a lot of skin damage. I have personally removed many spots.

Using Bloodroot for treating skin cancer dates way back and Bloodroot has been used for topical preparations for the treatment of various skin cancers, and also for sores, warts, eczema, and other dermal & epidermal problems, as it rids the body of "unsafe or bad cells".

Many of my skin issues just started as an itchy flaky small pin head tip itch, certainly does not have to be a full blown mole changing color. Everyone needs to pay attention to their skin.

Research is a must with bloodroot as it can be purchased on line, is safe, and as well, the powder for internal use. It is just starting to become a known safe product and of course there is flack from big pharma, as they do no like a natural remedy that works and eats into their profits.

Skin Cancer

PLEASE PLEASE research bloodroot for use in cancer and skin cancer. I have listed two sites below 1) where you can buy it and read some stories and 2) a group you can join to learn more about it, the people that use it, and photos, sharing, and caring about each other.

Here for stories and supply

Here to join the group and learn more yourself

I will cover more topics with cancer in future newsletters, but I am a huge supporter of this herb and its miraculous work with cancer.

Skin Cancer

Never be scared of mother nature. There are many that call this disfiguring. My scars are very minimal compares to the mole that was removed surgically by doctors. The salve only kills the cells it feels is bad or abnormal and leaves the rest, thus cancer has less chance of a metastasizing crisis , whereas cutting into it, risks cells being pushed into bloodstream.

READ,  EDUCATE and make your own decision.

As always, until my next wonderful natural remedy or story.



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