Bag Balm for Dry Skin or Chafted Skin, Pets Paws and Noses Too!

My education as an ex nurse in geriatrics taught me a lot. So much in fact, that I was able to take this knowledge and apply it to my use of all natural products and THINGS THAT REALLY WORKED for me, my family and my pets.

I was also a dog breeder for 25 years, and raised and bred the Chinese Shar-Pei, with that came my large website that offered free advice for owners all over the world. I had a 24 hour hotline and accepted calls whenever someone had issues with their beloved pet. I actually just shut down the website about a year ago.

During my trials and tribulations of life, and use of herbal and natural products, I shared and taught many people how they are best used on themselves and their pets. I made my own creams, used specific herbs, and shared because I cared. I will also with each blog, share my knowledge that I actually acquired through my own personal uses. I know what did work and what did not work.

Join me as I share my experiences and hope that it will help people and pets ease some of the every day ailments we all go through. I believe I am an example of what this planet, plants and mother nature also has to offer us all, as I am 64 years of age, no health ailments todate. I treat all things, with the help of things I know work. As with all things, not everything works for everyone, but nothing hurts to try things that have worked for many.

Another thing that is always in my medicine cabinet and I would love to share is my used of Bag Balm with our family, pets and especially myself. It used to be available only through co-op stores, and now I am thrilled you can get now get it on-line. I will share the link here where you can order it.

Bag Balm got its big moment when Shania Twain stated, it was what she used on her face to control her skin dryness and wrinkling, it became known for that reason by many.

For me I have used it for over 25 years, on myself, for dry skin, chapped skin, eczema, manicures, wrinkled skin, under my eyes and on my lids when they get dry skin. It is great for peeling skin, and sore and cracked skin. I cannot say enough about pets and their dry skin, cracked pads and noses, it is one thing, everyone should have on hand, in their house for all these things.

I tell everyone I know about it,  and everyone I know has it. Once it becomes a household name in your home, pass this information on, many people have benefited from this product. It was only used by farmers for cracked udders of their livestock, and I guess farm girls got their hands on it, and figured if it worked so well for this, lets try it on us, and I for one, am so glad they did. My husband and I use it weekly for many things if not daily. He was shocked when he had cracked chafted hands and I gave him some to try, and better still it worked, it worked so well for him, he uses it all the time.

Stay tuned as I share some alternative health secrets, that I use, and believe the world is a better place when we care enough to share enough. If you are near a co-op, chances are you can pick it up there, but again, I have joined Amazon to be able to share the products I believe in, and which also will make it easier for the public to get their hands on some of these things, as people always ask me where they can get the things I recommend, which I do get a monetary fee for, but not why I do this, I do it because I know you can 1) find it for sure and 2) see what it looks like.

Keep it mind when get any type of dry skin.....and you will also see you will not leave home without it. Because it works so well for so many, I suggest you do your own research and always find out for yourself a little about recommendations made by others. One thing about me, I will only recommend what I have used safe and soundly with myself and my own family.


Soulspiring yours - Vicky

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