Aloe Vera One of The Best Plants Ever Bestowed on Our Planet

Hello Aloe

The herbs I write about I used, and what work for me. Not everyone responds the same way to natural products. I always advise everyone to PLEASE SPEND AN HOUR or so and do your own research, as the information now available is invaluable to those that want to make natural ways a part of their everyday life.

I use it externally, and from my own plants,  it is a living a giving plant. I have at least four plants always, they are so easy to grow.  These plants, help clear the air and actually releases oxygen plus they  absorb carbon dioxide at night.

These are all over my home and I keep a full leaf in my bathroom on counter for whatever comes along that day and reach for it when in need of first aid for the skin, I also just find it refreshing.


Aloe Vera My Own Plants

Aloe vera produces two substances used for medicinally  i) the gel which is obtained from the cells in the center of the leaf, and ii)  the latex is obtained from the cells just beneath the leaf skin.

The beautiful magical Aloe plant belongs to same family as garlic and onions, also amazing healers,  and have both internal and external benefits and uses. The ever so soothing gel inside the thick, succulent leaves,  just has so many natural aids for people and pets. Aloe Vera plays an important role in many cultures today.

Aloe gel is the clear, jelly-like substance found in the inner part of the aloe plant leaf. Aloe latex comes from just under the plant’s skin and is yellow in color.

Aloe Vera Gel

Edible Yes but do you own research on this!  Aloe vera juice is sold at the health food stores and taking aloe vera internally has many benefits ranging from gastrointestinal problems, arthritis,  kidney stone prevention, hair loss,  diabetes and even claims to cancer stopping tumor growths.  A superfood? yes as  the leaf is filled with a gel containing at least 75 nutrients, 20 minerals, 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, and 200 active enzymes,  and goes back to biblical times.

For any aloe you plan consuming, always makes sure to use only organic inner aloe vera leaf products. You may come across some products made from “outer leaf” or “whole leaf” aloe vera components.  NOPE!  These would contain both aloin and aloe latex, which behaves like an ultra-harsh laxative. Aloe Vera boasts the highest levels of acemannan a powerful polysaccharide. Polysaccharides are critical when it comes to good nutrition, comprised of the complex carbohydrates that, for many, serve as the body’s primary energy source. Packed full of polysaccharides immune boosters, these assist with the immune system allowing it to do what is it supposed to do.  Indian medicine has many uses for it,  constipation, skin diseases, worm infestation, infections and as a remedy for colic, and many other things, as other cultures are not afraid of all natural.

So again please research if you plan on internal use and for any aloe you plan on orally consuming, always makes sure to use only organic inner aloe vera leaf products and do your research on side effects.

I grab a leave whenever I want one, whether be for sunburn, cut, itch, healing of a wound or sore,  its is so soothing and a big aid in cell rejuvenation, radiation induced skin damage, gums, skin cancer, rashing and so many more. Aloe seems to be able to speed wound healing by improving blood circulation through the area and preventing cell death around a wound.

So find a plant, start using organic soil when replanting or using your own new sprouts, and creating your own generation of aloe and start using it externally for everything, again minding no allergies, always so a small test on skin before hand, as again, many people are allergic to plants. For internal use, please research best brands, and ensure you have read everything that goes along with internal usage.

Again, just sharing some of my natural favorites.

As always,  soulspirations - Vicky






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