Crystal Suncatchers

At Crystals Crystals and More we have a great variety of suncatchers for all occasions. We custom make all crystals into suncatchers to your specifications, size and budget.

Unique Crystal Suncatchers

Our suncatchers are our feature, and custom made by us. They are all hand hooped, and the crystal chandelier suncatchers take 3-4 full time 8 hour days to make. Whether the chandelier, angel, star,  or any of our custom designs, they are all stunning reflectors of the sun.

These non electric large chandelier crystal suncatchers make any sunny window come to life reflecting stunning rainbows.  Made from combinations of antique glass, crystal, and czech crystals they are also custom tooled from vintage brass, antique dishes and old chandelier parts.

They are a huge deterrent for birds, and aid as a preventative from them flying into the windows, as they can clearly see they sparkle through the windows. Wonderful additions for a cottage or home.

Beautiful gifts, wedding presents, or to make a personal room, a happy place to watch the prisms and rainbows dance in the sun.

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